How to Erase Your Elfinbook


Let's get something straight. You can't microwave individual pages of your Elfinbook. If you want the pages to erase, you need to microwave the whole book. This post gives you step by step instructions around how to safely and correctly erase your Wave notebook without having to answer uncomfortable questions about how your kitchen caught on fire. Let's get started. 

  • Make sure to write with a Pilot FriXion pen, highlighter or marker. If you write with a pen that doesn't contain Pilot FriXion ink, your page will not erase. 
  • Sync all pages before you erase them. Remember? Digitizing your data is one of many reasons why you love Elfinbook!
  • Place your book in the middle of your microwave turntable, facing up. Your microwave must contain a rotating glass turntable. Ensure your Elfinbook can safely spin without hitting the microwave walls.
  • Place your mug of water in the center of the cover of your notebook. This can be any standard-sized mug that is microwave-safe, and it should be filled to the 3/4 mark with water. 
  • Microwave your Elfinbook and mug. You’ll need to open the door every 30 seconds to check. Make sure to STOP when you see the change!
  • Flip your Elfinbook over and repeat the previous two steps with the back facing up. Use caution. The Elfinbook and mug may be hot.
  • Allow the Elfinbook to cool for 3 minutes before touching. The Elfinbook and mug may be very hot! 

Safety Tips

Remember that part about not setting your kitchen on fire? Yeah. Here are some additional safety tips:

  • Never microwave your Elfinbook without a mug of water. Water absorbs some microwaves so your Elfinbook warms in a controlled manner. Without water, your Elfinbook or microwave may get damaged.
  • To avoid burning, your Elfinbook must rotate in the microwave on a rotating platter. Rotating objects in the microwave allow the microwaves to be evenly applied to the objects.
  • Always allow your Elfinbook to cool for a few minutes in the microwave after erasing. Not only is it too hot to handle, but the Frixion ink also requires time to turn clear and the paper needs to settle. The logo returns to blue when cool.

Note: You can use hair dryer to erase your note with some moisture on your notebook as well.