Elfinbook™ 2.0 - Smart Reusable Notebook + 1x Pilot Pen
Elfinbook™ 2.0 - Smart Reusable Notebook + 1x Pilot Pen
Elfinbook™ 2.0 - Smart Reusable Notebook + 1x Pilot Pen
Elfinbook™ 2.0 - Smart Reusable Notebook + 1x Pilot Pen
Elfinbook™ 2.0 - Smart Reusable Notebook + 1x Pilot Pen
Elfinbook™ 2.0 - Smart Reusable Notebook + 1x Pilot Pen
Elfinbook™ 2.0 - Smart Reusable Notebook + 1x Pilot Pen
Elfinbook™ 2.0 - Smart Reusable Notebook + 1x Pilot Pen

Elfinbook™ 2.0 - Smart Reusable Notebook + 1x Pilot Pen

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Elfinbook™ Smart Reusable Notebook has been upgraded to 2.0 version (and FREE SHIPPING today for this grand launch). We also included a Pilot Pen ($30 value) as a gift for you when you purchase Elfinbook 2.0 today! 

The Elfinbook™ notebook is built for the digital age while providing a classic pen and paper experience. With the touch and feel of a traditional notebook, the Elfinbook™ is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favorite cloud services like Evernote, Onedrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. 

✅This notebook is designed for the innovator, the artist, the designer, the analyst, architectures and the student. 

✅Draw endlessly and transfix your designs and drawings to your phone, tablet or computer with a single snap of the built-in Elfinbook™ app.

✅Got an exciting and new idea at the coffee shop? Quickly sketch it on paper and secure it by sending it to the cloud with your mobile app to work on it after you get home.

✅Write new music notes, create your next architectural design, design a business plan, paint a work of art. Snap it & save itFast. Reliable. Secure

The best part is...

Elfinbook is a Reusable Smart Notebook, you can simply wipe off your notes with your microwave oven, hair drier, or with a damp cloth.

The innovative patent pending synthetic smart paper can be reused over 500 times and provides an extremely smooth writing experience!


Works with Elfinbook APP (Android & iOS). Just download Elfinbook app then scan your notebook with Elfinbook APP to store your notes. You can also instantly blast your notes into cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Yandex. Disk and so on.

Half with ruled paper, Half with blank paper which is ideal for writing and drawing.

Furthermore, the app has new OCR function which enables you to transform your PDF file into WORD file!  

We suggest using Pilot FriXion Pens with the Elfinbook. We do not recommend other kinds of pens.  

Two size - same price: 


✅A5(5.8 x 8.3 inch, 14.8 x 21.0 cm), 100 pages.

✅B5(6.9 x 9.8 inch, 17.6 x 25.0 cm), 60 pages.

Package included:

✅1x  Elfinbook 2.0

✅1x Pilot FriXion Pens ($30 value) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
I'd Give It Six Stars If I Could

I seriously cannot express enough how much I love this book. I bought a few Rocketbooks first, but they don't even remotely compare. It feels so smooth and good writing on the Elfinbook's pages, and more importantly, the pages come completely clean when you want them to. I'm talking a whole year or more later, you can erase each little mark of ink and have the pages looking brand new. Every time I need to take a note, journal about a dream, write down some questions...you name it, I'm reaching for my Elfinbook. I GOTTA get more as soon as possible. In fact, let me just go write that down on my "to buy" list in the Elfinbook. :p

Love it

I enjoy especially when sketching

Page Problem

My new book has pages stuck together at the binding making many pages unusable. Attempts to separate them results in tears.

Great on the most important, but lacks finitions

I have been using the notebook extensively for 1 week (about 10 pages/day, and 5 erasing)
+ Feeling of paper and confort of writing are amazing, exceeding my expectations.
+ The color of the paper (ivory) and the lining (pale grey) are perfectly readable but not too bright
+ It's very easy to erase, whether it's a small detail with the back of the pen or the whole page with water and cloth.
+ the bind is not too big for the number of pages : the book stays in place if you lay it flat, and the bind doesn't get in the way when you write (for the first and last few pages, you will need to flip the notebook 180° to write on top of the rest of the pages though)
However, there are a number of details that makes it miss the 5 stars
- the pen gifted with the notebook is too big to fit in the elastic pen holder, it's super hard to take in and out
- The header on top of the lined pages was not necessary. In addition to the black border all around (which IS necessary for the app to scan the pages properly), you loose a lot of writing space
- I wish I would have had the choice for the type of pages (lined, blank, dotted, grid): I won't use those 50 blank pages unless I have no other choice
- the plastic cover, even if it looks sturdy, is really not nice to touch, unlike the paper inside
- it lacks an elastic to keep it close when I'm on the go, and a bookmark to keep track of where I am
- the bind is too flexible : doesn't look sturdy, and gets in the way when you are flipping pages
- the pages came in while still bound together around the binding, as if they were not fully separated during manufacturing. I had to manually separate them to be able to write anything, and, even with the greatest care, I damaged a handful of them around the binding, where it's already the most fragile part

Verdict : very strong product on it's own strong points, but lacks finition and quality in the details. With a little more work, can easily become a 5 star !

AMAZING for quick note-taking and problem-solving!

I spent a bit of time researching reusable notebooks with web uploading capabilities, and 2 months ago decided to go with Elfinbook for the ease of use, price, size of the notebook, and app connectivity. I am THOROUGHLY impressed!

While I still prefer to take most of my school notes on paper and have them organized in binders, the Elfinbook has been crucial in helping me keep my thoughts and studies organized. Instead of having to waste a page a day of a notebook for daily to-do lists, with the Elfinbook I can erase the page with a wet cloth and write again, and again, and again, without having to worry about destroying the integrity of the page due to erasing. It's been a life- and paper-saver for working on math and chemistry problems, creating document outlines, keeping lecture notes to be organized on flash cards later, and just sorting my tasks out on a day-to-day (or hour-to-hour) basis.

I haven't used too much of the app to be honest, but what I have scanned with my phone and saved comes out beautiful and crisp. The page outlines ensure the scans stay straight and at the correct proportion. Even my messy handwriting is legible.

I'd definitely recommend this to others doing their studies, or for those who are trying to find a more eco-friendly alternative to having a thousand notebooks.

I do wish that the coil on the book was bigger as sometimes the pages get stuck when flipping, and the loop for the pen isn't super effective, but overall the book is wonderful.