Elfinbook™ X - Smart Erasable Notebook with Leather cover
Elfinbook™ X - Smart Erasable Notebook with Leather cover
Elfinbook™ X - Smart Erasable Notebook with Leather cover
Elfinbook™ X - Smart Erasable Notebook with Leather cover
Elfinbook™ X - Smart Erasable Notebook with Leather cover
Elfinbook™ X - Smart Erasable Notebook with Leather cover
Elfinbook™ X - Smart Erasable Notebook with Leather cover
Elfinbook™ X - Smart Erasable Notebook with Leather cover
Elfinbook™ X - Smart Erasable Notebook with Leather cover
Elfinbook™ X - Smart Erasable Notebook with Leather cover

Elfinbook™ X - Smart Erasable Notebook with Leather cover

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This Elfinbook™ X with premium & stylish leather cover make perfect gift for those love writing/drawing or taking note!

Elfinbook™ Smart Reusable Notebook has been revolutionized to X version with leather cover (and FREE SHIPPING today). 

Elfinbook Notebook X is the latest high-end reusable notebook of Elfinbook. Different from Elfin Book 1.0 and 2.0's plastic cover, it comes with the high-quality & premium leather cover, which makes it stylish and durable than the previous version

We also included a new version of Pilot Pen ($30 value) as a gift for you when you purchase Elfinbook™ X today! 

The Elfinbook™ X notebook is built for the digital age while providing a classic pen and paper experience. With the touch and feel of a traditional notebook, the Elfinbook™ is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favorite cloud services like Evernote, Onedrive, Dropbox and Google Drive.

This notebook is designed for the innovator, the artist, the designer, the analyst, architectures and the student. 

Draw endlessly and transfix your designs and drawings to your phone, tablet or computer with a single snap of the built-in Elfinbook™ app.

Got an exciting and new idea at the coffee shop? Quickly sketch it on paper and secure it by sending it to the cloud with your mobile app to work on it after you get home.

Write new music notes, create your next architectural design, design a business plan, paint a work of art. Snap it & save itFast. Reliable. Secure

The best part is...

Elfinbook X is a Reusable Smart Notebook, you can simply wipe off your notes with your microwave oven, hair drier, or with a damp cloth.

The innovative patent pending synthetic smart paper can be reused over 500 times and provides an extremely smooth writing experience!

Works with Elfinbook APP (Android & iOS). Just download Elfinbook app then scan your notebook with Elfinbook APP to store your notes. You can also instantly blast your notes into cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Yandex. Disk and so on.

Half with ruled paper, Half with blank paper which is ideal for writing and drawing. 

Furthermore, the app has new OCR function which enables you to transform your PDF file into WORD file! 
We suggest using Pilot FriXion Pens with the Elfinbook. We do not recommend other kinds of pens. 
One size with Leather cover: 
  • A5(5.8 x 8.3 inch, 14.8 x 21.0 cm), 110 pages (new). 
  • Cover size: 6.8 x 9.1 inch, 173 x 230 mm

The leather cover is high-end appearance. The material is more durable, comes with 4 colors to serve everyone's needs. 

Package included:

  • 1x Elfinbook X with high-quality leather cover (4 colors available) 
  • 1x  Pilot FriXion Pens ($30 value)

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews

Beautiful notebook! Also very fast shipping, it took 2 weeks to arrive to Croatia.


A rag is better to moisten a little


There was a slight odor upon opening, and some dust on my item. However, overall I think it is really nice and well-made. The color is more red than the deep coral it seems like in the picture, but the pages feel premium and I like the different pockets and types of pages in it. Good size to carry in your purse comfortably and comes with a wipe cloth too. Overall I highly recommend, nice gift for any student or professional.

This product is literal magic.

If I could give it 4.5 stars I would be happy. Love the idea and the actual functioning of it. It'll be easier to just have my things on my phone, tablet, and computer. I send them to my Google Drive and it works like a charm. This book is literal magic. It's easy to write on: doesn't necessarily FEEL like paper (but then again it isn't, so why feel that way?) but the Frixion pens write really well on it regardless. Be careful and allow a few extra seconds for the ink to dry so that it won't smudge. I set it up so that immediately after I scan it, it will show up into my drive.

The reason for 4/4.5 stars instead of 5 is that many colors of Frixion brand pens do not show up well or at all. If you typically write your notes in black, blue, or red ink this is not a problem. I fell in love with the Frixion pens a few years ago and since then have exclusively bought Frixion brand. They are trusty; they write smoothly and erase well every time as long as the eraser is clean. I have the gel pens, the click pens, the markers, the pastel highlighters, and one regular yellow highlighter in this brand (i have a problem lmao) but I am a student and I use my pens all day long. They don't bleed through regular paper or anything. When a friend showed me this book I had to have it (what can I say, I am an office supply slut) and bought it immediately.

I'm going to attach my test pictures so that you can know which things work best with the Elfinbook.

I've included a color key at the bottom and highlighted which colors show up mostly true to color so that you can buy ones that are more likely to look nice once scanned. The pens stay put really well, the black marker fades easily, but overall the colors will show up.

Pens: All of the pens showed up once scanned. Some looked more like black than their actual color (1, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25)

Markers: All of the markers showed up once scanned. Some looked discolored (35, 36, 37)

EXCEPTIONAL! This will change your life!

This product amazed me and exceeded my expectations. It works exceptionally and as described. The Elfinbook app is so simple and easy to use. The scanning is perfect, it captures the colors, exposes the page with the right lighting, and crops and adjusts the page properly. Each scan takes less than a second, and you can combine multiple pages into one scan and upload them as one document.

This is brilliant and I am so glad I purchased this product because it is perfect for school. I have seven classes and so I assigned each symbol in the notebook to my respective Google Drive folders. Some people say that the symbols aren't relatable and its difficult to relate the symbols in the notebook to a class or something. What i did is just assigned my first period class with the first symbol, second period with the second symbol, and so on. The Frixion highlighters and pens erase easily with the included erasers on the pens and effortlessly with a damp microfiber cloth (I provided the link to a very compact microfiber cloth that I use, I'd highly recommend it). Anyways, the product is great.

Pro tip: use clear tape on the inside cover page where the symbols are. This way if you change a class or something you can just remove the tape, put new tape on and write a new label for the symbol

I recommend several other products to use with this notebook. These are the best deals I could find. I have purchased these and have tried them with the Elfinbook.